Napoleon: Total War Heaven


Artillery 102

A beginner's guide to using artillery effectively by Schwerpunkt.

Perfidy Play

Schwerpunkt covers the dark-sided tactics you can employ in the game.

Faction Strategy: Great-Britain

Playing as Great-Britain puts you in a unique position: your home region is protected from assault by the sea which is ruled by your navy. This gives you the opportunity to sit back and build up and then strike when you want where you want. This guide will outline a strategy for Great-Britain focusing on building a powerful trade imperium to afford your eventual war against France.

Units: A General Overview

Learn how to make the best out of the various kinds of units in the game in this overview by Brass45.

The Government Guide

A country is nowhere without a government, but not all governments take a country in the same direction. Hussarknight explains how to change your government type and what the pros and cons of each type are

Grapeshot 101

A ship without crew is an easy target, so read this guide to discover the secrets of clearing enemy decks with grapeshot.

Chain shot 101

Are your enemies' ships still all on full sail and moving too fast for your liking? Learn how to make the best use of chainshot and cripple them in this guide by Smileyman007.

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