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History Articles Submission Guidelines

Welcome to the fourth history article database for a Total War Heaven. As you are well aware, Napoleon: Total War deals with the Napoleonic era, a period most known for the large-scale warfare in Europe that helped shape the world (for better and worse) as we know it today. The rich history of the game's period is an at present uncharted vastness, and I invite all of you to help contribute to this article section.

The subject of your article could be virtually anything, from the wars fought in the period (both in Europe and abroad) to the history of specific countries, from important figures to the life of the common man and woman, from architecture to religion and from philosophy to military formations, anything that deals with the period, fits the theme of the game and is likely to interest your fellow site visitors is welcome!

Please check your spelling and overall structure before you send your draft - a few errors are to be expected, but please take some time to look it over before you send it in. If an article is not considered readable we will return it to you with suggestions for revision.

500 to 2000 words would be preferable for faction histories, with between 600 and 1000 words being ideal. Faction histories are meant to be all-inclusive in that they cover many different aspects of a single nation. If you want to dwell on one specific subject, that's okay as well, but in that case it won't be our official faction history article. Only the faction histories have a word limit (loosely) imposed, but it is useful to remember that longer articles generally attract fewer readers.

You may want to include images in your article, such as maps, army setups, etc. Images make a great visual accompaniment for your articles. Include a link to the image on the place where you want it to be inserted as well as a caption to go with it. If you for some reason can't upload images you can e-mail them to a moderator.

It would be best if you could also include a list of sources you used to compile your article; no in-depth annotation is required, but if people want to know more it is nice if you could provide them with a helping hand.

We do not accept plagiarised articles, either in part or in full. While it may be tempting to use wikipedia articles and the like as the basis of your own writing, we strongly discourage you to use them as your only source. They often offer good starting points for research, but can contain errors. Apart from that, if you simply copy what wikipedia has to say, there is no reason for people to peruse our database. By doing some more research, your article will become more developed and also more interesting. If you simply copy bits and pieces, we consider this plagiarism and will turn down your article. We may also decide not to accept any of your articles in future.

Articles should be posted in the Guides & Articles forum. After is is posted everyone may offer comments and suggestions for improvement for a few days. Once you post a message stating the article is ready we will publish it on the main site, if we feel it matches our standards.

Happy writing!

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