About Us

Napoleon: Total War Heaven is a fansite dedicated to providing Napoleon: Total War players from all over the world with the best resources regarding the game. We have basic information about the game, strategy guides, modding tutorials and history articles so there’s always something here for you. If you want to discuss the game pay a visit to our forums where you can discuss everything related to the game and almost everything not related to the game. We hope you enjoy your stay here! Comments and suggestions can be posted on the forums.

What’s up with the colors?

During your stay at our website you may have noticed that certain names have colors attached to them. They are used as a means to point out important individuals in the community:

  • Green – Cherubs are members of HeavenGames staff
  • Red – Angels are veteran members of HeavenGames staff
  • Orange – Seraphs are site directors at HeavenGames
  • Blue – VIPs are members of the game development community, and may include community relation managers and PR reps.

Website Credits

In addition to our Staff, we would like to thank the following individuals for helping us make this possible:

  • Zen – Site Design, Technical Support
  • newIdea – Logo Design
  • Pecunia- for all the help and support during the Great Migration. We could not have moved without you.